Birthday Parties

We have a little belief here at Diamondesq, and that is that everyone loves a good birthday! Even those who try to act unconcerned we know, are secretly wishing for a big old knees up! Certainly for kids, birthday parties should absolutely be about magic – and lots of it. Whatever age is being celebrated and whether it’s your party or a super surprise one you are planning, we are more than happy to work alongside you to get your ideas realised. We understand that you know what you want and we know how to make it happen, so we’ll be feeding back to you all the time with our ideas/plans, ready to adapt as you desire.  Even if the party is in your home we would be delighted to come and add that extra special fairy tale touch. We can offer children’s entertainers, balloon modelling, storytellers, stilt walking bumble bees/butterflies and fire performers or b-boys to add that extra element of cool! We can also provide themed packages and would be happy to work with some of your ideas about these. Some of ours are: fairy tales, pirates, forests, musicals, sports…but there are many more we’re sure! Give us a call to discuss any of these options.

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