Music Videos and Castings

We know you want your video to look as f***ing hot as the music sounds, and we get massively excited about helping you do this. If you have an idea of something really unique, no matter how impossible it sounds, we will make sure we find it. We’ve recently provided both dancers and performers for top class music videos and can be involved in all stages of the casting process – making your job easy! You say what you want and we will stick very closely to this, sending you only the crème de le crème of talent. If you need break dancers who freestyle, pole dancers who do fire, models who dance, aerialists who can act or fun loving party crowds, then we know we know the right people. Shooting/casting a commercial? Same rules apply! We’re only too happy to source and book the speciality acts which will have audiences up and down the country naming your ad “…that cool new advert…” !

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