Corporate and Bespoke Events

Holding a company event? We understand that if so, you’ll probably have enough to do without worrying about the entertainment or how it all looks – so that’s where we come in! Whether you are launching, promoting or rebranding a product, holding a company party or want to add an innovative touch to your conferences, our performers will happily come and deliver just what you need. We want your clients/employees to be walking away loving your company, product and event. With years of experience in the corporate field we are great at adapting to different scale events and we absolutely believe that each one is unique – reflecting the company and what it stands for. We will work with you closely to ensure you’re getting just the right style of promotion and make sure that nothing about your event is generic or mediocre. Some of our more adventurous clients enjoy booking our aerial and circus performers who will scale dizzy heights to get your guests staring in amazement. Our tasteful and classy burlesque girls can come equipped with or without fire, stilts or even beds of nails! If you want a huge floor show with acrobats and dancers, or simply want some extra classy promotional staff, we know we can help elevate your company and your event, so everyone will stop and notice its sparkle.

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