Apr 18, 2011

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Diamondesq working for you……..




Diamondesq working for you…………….

After working independently in the business for a number of  years, Emma (Director of Diamondesq) became frustrated.  Constantly being at the mercy of bookers/agents whom    seemed to care more about the client than the performers became too much and so she stepped out on her own and established Diamondesq Productions –  to redress this balance and create a company whom listens and responds to all sides. We are passionate about tailor-making our services exactly to client’s wishes and are happy to spend as much time as needed working through your ideas, offering our handy hints and suggestions – suggestions fuelled by a huge bank of experience. At the same time we are dedicated to providing top class service and we believe this comes from happy, valued and enthusiastic performers. We ensure full and comprehensive liaison with both bookers, venues, performers and independent clients to make sure all sides know exactly where they are.

At our core we love to bring entertainment to people. Be this big or small, loud or quiet and be you young or old, we can’t help but get excited each time we are faced with the challenge of a new event. We know the pressures involved in booking and managing launches, parties and celebrations, and wherever possible we are ready and waiting to take on as much of that as we can. If you want professionalism tied up with huge amounts of fun, then Diamondesq are the company for you.


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